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Founded in 1995 by owner/producer David Amaral and originally known as Global Note Music, client requests to provide more services prompted the rebirth of the company to what is currently known as Global Note Digital Arts. Our decades of service has a client focus aimed at providing cost effective and collaborative, creative solutions. We have produced hundreds of hours of audio and video for our clients and would be happy to assist you in your next creative challenge.

Prior to founding Global Note, David played bass live and recorded with a number of original acts in Boston and Chicago area. Beginning with the band Fort Mudge Memorial Dump (Mercury Records) and most notably with  Peter Wolf (The J.Geils Band), Bobby Whitlock (Eric Clapton's collaborator for "Layla" with Derrick and The Dominoes) both with guitarists Johnny A and Stu Kimball (Bob Dylan).








David also co-wrote "I Don't Want to Cry", a 1989 release on Epic records performed by Diving For Pearls. He has performed with local singer songwriters Laurie Sargent (Face to Face), Niki Aukema (Lip), John Carbonnara (Lifters, Look one Look, Big Town) Tim Hughes (One Thin Dime) Andy Pratt (Avenging Annie) and Rhode Island's Ricky Valente (Consolation). David is a voting member in the New York Chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, hosts of the Grammys.


Live TV Broadcast from the Bottom Line in  NYC.

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